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Submersible Pump Services for the Charlton, MA Area

At Charlton Well Drilling, we work diligently to provide our customers with superior well drilling services, including submersible pump installation, maintenance, and repair services. 

Submersible Pump Installation

The pump installation process involves several important steps. After removing the old pump, we will connect the pipe clamps and fittings. We will then attach the electric wires to the pipes in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and all local codes. Before beginning the actual installation, our technicians will first check to make sure the power source is functioning properly and that the well is sanitized. We will then work to install the new submersible pump, a process that includes the engagement of the pitless adapter and feeding the electrical wires through the cap. Once we secure the casing and make all final adjustments and connections, the installation is complete.

Maintenance and Repair Needs

While a submersible pump usually requires minimal maintenance, if any of its components stop working at full capacity, it can negatively affect the overall system. We offer both preventative maintenance and same-day repair services to help remedy any potential issues. When it comes to the electrical control panel, for instance, we may evaluate and tighten terminations, test the alarms, and test the overall control panel operation system. We will even conduct amp readings, Megger readings, and resistance checks. These readings help us to determine the possibility of motor winding issues, degrading insulation, and more. We can also conduct leak detection checks. Leakages can cause the motor to overheat, as well as a thermal sensor failure. 

If you are in need of professional submersible pump installation or maintenance, please call our team at 508-248-7063. Learn more about our other services, including excavation, pump delivery systems, and well drilling and see why our family-owned business has been serving New England for more than 40 years.